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Connect with a group!

Looking for a group to get plugged into? This is your next step!

We believe disciple-making groups, where we can meet in community with others and study God’s Word, are a critical part of growing in Christ and a critical tool in reaching others for Christ. We offer several options and levels of disciple-making groups to assist you.

You can meet ONLINE or IN PERSON for prayer and Bible study, join one of our small groups!

For more information contact [email protected]

Small Group Announcements


We are seeking to start several new groups. Being in a group enables you to get to know others, grow in the Word, and be on mission together. Our online Zoom Connection time is Wednesday, October 21 at 7 p.m., contact [email protected] for info.

Married Young Adults, Sundays at 10:00 a.m. with Cody Chester in ED 109, [email protected], starts Oct. 25

Bible 101, Sundays at 8:30 a.m. with Perry Salter in ED 120, [email protected], starts Oct. 25

First Steps for New Believers, Sundays at 8:30 a.m. with Dennis Smith in ED 126, [email protected], starts Oct. 25

Median Adults (30-60), Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m with Dan Angiotti in ED 126, [email protected], starts Oct. 28

Laborers (evangelism training), Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. with Jeff Baron in ED 126, [email protected], starts Oct. 29

LEAD Training - Starting November 8

Are you interested in leading or hosting a small group through Sunday School or Life Groups? If so, we encourage you to attend our LEAD training. LEAD stands for “Leadership Exploration and Development.” It is a seven-week training for our new group leaders and for those interested in leading groups in the future. LEAD will be on Sunday mornings, meeting bi-weekly, from 11:30 – 12:45 p.m. in ED 110-111 starting November 8. Contact Scott Terry or Dennis Smith for more information or register at

Groups Meeting In Person


5:30 pm : Spirited (WC 115) - Bob Magee [email protected]

7:00 pm : Brazilian (WC 118/119)


10:00 am : Medley (SrHSC) - Paul Medley [email protected]

10:00 am: Grace SS (WC 115) - Marsha Monti [email protected]

12:30 pm: Breidenbach (ED 118/119) - Dianne Breidenbach [email protected]

2:00 pm : Goodson (Home Group) - Jenny Goodson [email protected]

6:30 pm : JOY (WC 115) - Bob Pisle [email protected]

7:00 pm : Martinez (ED 118/119) - Lee Martinez [email protected]


9:30 am : His Followers (Home Group) - Lorraine Laws [email protected]

6:00 pm : Explorers (Fellowship Hall) - Nick Herren [email protected]

6:00 pm : College Aged Life Group (Fellowship Hall) - Aaron Still [email protected]

6:30 pm : Anderson (Music Suite) - Tracey Anderson [email protected]

6:30 pm : Coley (Home Group) - Charles Coley [email protected]

6:30 pm: Shaffer LG (ED 106/107) - Jane Shaffer [email protected]

7:00 pm : Deeper Roots (Home Group) - Travis McCloud & Ken Bowling [email protected];[email protected]

7:00 pm : Barrow (Home Group) - Len Barrow [email protected]


6:00 pm : Ladies of the Lord (WC 118/119) - Paula Sparks [email protected] and Cheryl Clarkson [email protected]

6:30 pm : Carter (Home Group) - Dan Carter [email protected]

6:30 pm : White (WC 115) – Rob White [email protected]

7:00 pm : Rubies in the Rough (Home Group) - Sarah Noel [email protected]


5:30 pm : Sonrise (WC 115) - Johnny Goins [email protected]

6:30 pm : Levy (20-30's) - Zachary Levy [email protected]

7:00 pm : Koinonia Life Group (WC 118/119) - Dawn Faas [email protected] and Ken Mottice [email protected]

Sunday school

Sunday School provides groups for all ages that focus on teaching, fellowship, ministry, and service. Sunday School groups meet concurrently with Sunday morning worship so you may attend before or after worship.

Online Sunday School Groups

7:00 pm SATURDAY : Antioch (50-70) - Ron Smith [email protected]

8:30 am : Doers (Any Age) - Aaron Copeland [email protected]

8:30 am : Truth Seekers (55-90) - Paul Medley/Larry Bazer [email protected]

10:00 am : Unity (50-70) - Kevin Sperry [email protected]

10:00 am : Harmony (40-60) - Richard Lynch [email protected]

10:00 am : Fellowship (45-80) - Patrick Chung [email protected]

10:00 am : Transformed (45-75) - Ellen Lindner/Mark Poole [email protected]

10:30 am : DiscipleMakers (35-80) - Mark Van Bever [email protected]

11:30 am : VIA (18-30) - Aaron Still [email protected]

11:30 am : Walters (30-50) - Nate Walters [email protected]

11:30 am : Terry/Jackson (30-65) - Scott Terry/Cory Jackson [email protected]

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of up to 16 people that focus on sermon application, focused discipleship training, your own spiritual health plan, service, and discipling others. They meet weekly at a variety of times at church, in homes, and other locations. For off-campus groups, childcare arrangements vary by group needs. You may attend either or both a Life Group and Sunday School class. 

Online Life Groups


5:00 pm : Wolfe/Bryant (30-60) - Darren Wolfe [email protected]


6:30 pm : Zambrana (Spanish) - Omar Zambrana [email protected]


6:30 pm : Smith (WC 115) - Dennis Smith [email protected]

8:00pm : Sermon Discussion - Josh Sulfridge [email protected]

8:30 pm : Logan (Couples 20+) - Blake Logan [email protected]


6:30 pm : Mawby (20-30's) - Aaron Mawby [email protected]

6:30pm : Grace Wins iCampus - Aaron Still & Scott Terry Online:


7:00 pm : Suntree (55+) - John Angell [email protected]


7:30 pm : Tolle (50-60's) - Joe Tolle [email protected]m

Growth Groups