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Serving Seniors

Senior Adult Ministry Opportunities

We are excited to announce the start of several ministry teams with our senior adults. Our goal is to reach and minister to seniors inside and outside the church. Please prayerfully consider serving in one of these ministries. 

Wavecrest Care Facility

This is a care facility for seniors and many residents who do not have anyone to visit them. We want to set up visitation teams to go and brighten up their day and let them know that Jesus loves them and we do too! The goal would be a weekly visit. We will set a day and time, but you would be able to make visits at other times if our day and time does not work for you. 

Spiritual Care Volunteers at Holmes Regional

Visit a list of pre-selected patients and their families on behalf of the Pastoral Care Department. This is an open door for us to represent Christ and His church. Background checks and training are involved. Visits are 60-90 minutes each week or every other week. 

Homebound Members of FBCMel

We want to minister to those who are a part of our church but are no longer physically able to attend. Visit monthly or as needed and desired. Background checks are required. 

Welcome New Seniors Team

Reach out to the new seniors in our church. This could be a visit or call. We want them to be welcomed and to get help connecting with our groups and church ministries. 

Wednesday Night Greet team

We don’t want anyone to sit alone for dinner on Wednesday evening. We need a few people designated weekly to sit with or go and talk with seniors who come and are sitting by themselves. 

Senior to Senior Help

Some seniors need basic assistance like transportation to doctor’s appointments, light home repair or assistance, calling to see if they are ok, yard work, etc. We are usually called on at the last minute as if they need help quickly.