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October 15 Memory Training for Seniors with Dr. Joe Ponds

November 4 Bonfire @ Garner Property

December 16 Caroling

Memory Training for Seniors with Dr. Joe Ponds

October 15 @ 8:30 AM

Do you have trouble remembering things, find yourself forgetting names, or forget where you left your keys? Learn the ways of remembering and defeating absentmindedness. Our seminar leader is Dr. Joe Ponds, a national speaker & trainer with over 25 years of experience in this field. Register by October 12 with $10 payment. 



Continental breakfast


Memory Misfortunes (Dementia, etc.)

Memory Myths (Who “sez?!)

Memory Methods (Mnemonics, etc. to improve your memory)

Memory ‘Magic’ (You won’t believe it!)


Memory Mayhem (5 medicines/drugs that May cause memory loss)

  • The Drug
  • The Design
  • The Danger 

Memory Madness (5 Warning signs of Alzheimer’s vs ‘Age-Related’ Memory  Loss)

Memory Mnemonies (10 helpful Tips and Techniques to aid in improving your memory)


3 R’s of Remembering.

3 Keys for remembering anything.

How to remember lists of items in sequence.

3 Rules for remembering names.

3 Ways to defeat absentmindedness.


Senior Adult Ministries

Homebound—Steve Conn

Senior to Senior Care– JoRene Medley

Welcome New Seniors– Babs Hughes & Patsy Cole

Wednesday Greet Team

Wave Crest Care Facility

Port Canaveral Ministries– Janette Sharpe

Patchwork of Grace– Kim Credille

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